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It’s all at No. 7

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It had all happened very quickly!

I had no intention of opening a shop – none at all!  Then one cold morning in February 2019  I got up, with no particular intention of doing anything more idiotic than usual, but by that evening had arranged to go and see a unit in Lampeter Business Park.

I arrived to view it but before setting off had convinced myself that it was just going to be ‘food for thought’ and nothing more. A possible idea for the future… maybe.
But as I gazed around the place, while my head told me not to be so stupid and just go home, my mouth refused to listen and look on a life of its own.  ‘ Yes I’ll take it on….I’ll pay the deposit now!’ it said.

How exciting, but then the little gremlins went to work in my head……

Q: What on earth have you done, are you mad?

A: Most definitely!

Q: Haven’t you got enough to do?

A: Eeeeek…yes

Q: Help me!

A: Forget it mate…you’re on your own!

          And so I moved in. Well, not immediately of course – there was quite a lot to do first as I worked at turning what was previously a garage into my little shop.  After bathing myself liberally in paint (and even managing to get a bit of it onto the walls) and pestering ‘him indoors’ to get his drill out and put it to good use, it began to take shape.

A few shelves and rails later we emptied the contents of my little orange lorry into the shop.  I advertised the lorry and within 3 days it was gone.

          Well, that was really that.  No turning back now as I had nowhere else to keep all my stock!

So, we opened the doors to Chiron Equestrian Clothing on 1st March 2019, St Davids Day.

Bit by bit we continue to build up our range from coats, tops, and jodhpurs to Botanica herbal skin creams to novelty socks, and we now have added a ‘Chiron Pets’ section.

It really is a labour of love…….and I love every minute.

Fabulous Feedback from Equi Arenas’ client

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A shameless plug for our Riding Arena business

Stunning setting for this 50 m x 20 m outdoor school by Equi Arenas in west Wales

This 50 m x 20 m arena was constructed in the record-breaking heat of summer 2018. It has a chipped rubber on silica sand surface and is situated in a stunning location with wonderful views, and right next to the stables too!

We are extremely pleased with our arena and would not have considered anyone but Danny and Kate and their team of Equi Arenas to do the job. A fantastic location with great views but not an easy site to work on, with very little soil and straight into hard rock.

But Danny and Richard are well aware of the geography of this area and dug straight in. On top of the testing ground they had to keep going under that searing July sun and its extreme heat – which was a test for anyone trying to work outside.

Apart from the arena being a bonus come the winter and daylight hours are short, it has put great value on our place if we ever sell, and complements the great off-road riding of Llanllwnni mountain and Brechfa forest right on our doorstep.

Chiron Equestrian at Oakfield Icelandics – Autumn Show, September 2018

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Budge over Rianne, it’s my turn…

What a blast we had last weekend!  Me (Kate) and Mr W (him indoors – aka Danny) loaded up our little orange lorry with all the essentials like gin, tonic, phone chargers, change of clothes (the lorry’s already choc-a-bloc with stock – joddies, jackets, head collars etc) and took Chiron Equestrian to Dorset!  We have a regular pitch there at Oakfield Farm, home of Oakfield Icelandic Horses, where they hold their Spring and Autumn shows.

We arrived there late-ish Friday evening and set up ready for the off next day.  After a short battle with the stall, it eventually surrendered and agreed to behave.  It does help if it’s put up in daylight and not at night.

Lesson 1 = leave from home earlier in future!

Then came the time to inflate the bed….or not as the case was.  It does help if you have the adapter with you and not back at home in the drawer.

Lesson 2 = leave adapter for inflating bed in lorry!

After a relatively sleepless, cold night as the quilt and blankets were all laid underneath us to protect from the hard floor, we woke to a beautiful morning and the sounds of horses… things suddenly seemed much better and after some bacon, tomatoes and hot tea, all was well with the world again.

It’s always so lovely to meet up with the friends we’ve made there and meet new ones, lots of hugs (horses mainly) and catching up on the past six months and from our lorry, with the back open, we have the perfect view and can sit and watch the activities over on the oval track.  Both Mr W and myself are now hooked on these characteristic Icelandics and their gaits and I often get ‘shushed’ by him if I’m chatting when the scores are being announced!  This is his weekend off from the horse arena building world – where he practises his judging skills instead (from the safety of the lorry of course).

Then, just before 7 pm there is lots of sneaking around and hushed tones as people are getting into their costumes for the most important class of all….the Fancy Dress.  Hysterical and brilliant are the two words I think of to describe the outfits. The attention to detail and thought that go into them is seriously second to none and the winners prize is a voucher to spend in our lorry (seriously fought for 😉).

After all the hilarity, the evening is a time to sit outside under the now amiable stall with friends and G&T (in extremely small measures of course) and reflect on the day’s proceedings, then into (or onto) bed, (we have been rescued and are adapted and inflated by now) sleep a while and be woken by the horses waiting impatiently for their servants to tend them.  Bacon, tomatoes and tea and we’re off and running again!  After another day of activity then the classes end and slowly everyone sets off back home with their precious cargoes. We deflate and have another short battle with the stall, whose final attempt at being awkward is to refuse to fit back into its bag.  Eventually though, it’s all zipped up and can’t escape bwhahahaha….. until the next time!

See you there next Spring!


Chiron Equestrian Clothing

Polo Shirts on Test!

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Horse Couture Polo Shirts

When Kate asked me if I’d trial one of the Horse Couture polo t-shirts of course I said yes please! They come in a lovely range of bright colours; red, green, navy and purple. I struggled to choose red or green but opted for the red as I wanted to wear it for a hunter trials and knew I had a couple of saddle pads that’d match perfectly. If I’d gone for the green I’d have HAD to buy a new green pad and that’d have displeased Mr F. “How many pads…?!” Etc. Anyway, I digress.

I found the polos to be quite generous in size, I went for an 8 and right now I am not. So first tick in the box.

The fit is lovely and would look equally fab with a pair of skinny jeans and boots.

So the day of the HT dawned and the sun was shining. Did I sweat in my top? Yes I did, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, however bear in mind that I was blasting around a xc course and I also had a base layer on underneath. If I’d worn a bikini I’d have been sweating. Did I have big visible sweaty patches under my pits? No I didn’t. Another tick.

The top has washed well and still fits me. Love it, so go and buy one in every colour! Thumbs up from me! 👍

See Horse Couture Polo Shirt in the shop

girl wearing red polo shirt